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Special Class in an Integrated Setting (SCIS) & Special Class (SC)

Our integrated classrooms are composed of pre-school children (ages 3 and 4) who would benefit from special services within a structured classroom composed of typically developing peers. Our special class is composed of pre-school children (ages 3 and 4) who would benefit from a very small class size and more adult support to access age-appropriate activities successfully.

Our integrated classrooms are run by a special educator, classroom teacher, and two teacher assistants. Our special classrooms are run by a special educator, as well as one to two teaching assistants. Related service providers such as speech therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, social workers, as well as other disciplines, are utilized when indicated on a child’s IEP in both program models.

Our company emphasizes a collaborative approach to implementing daily programming within the classroom setting. Our teams have scheduled weekly meetings to review and develop programming that meets the needs of all students. Our special education teachers in the integrated setting, schedule planning time with the classroom teacher and other team members on a weekly basis. In working with our district preschools, it allows us the opportunity to provide the student with an occupational, physical and/or speech therapist that will continue to work with your child upon entering kindergarten. This is instrumental in the development of all children, including those who need more support, as it provides continuity of services.

Advanced Therapy is approved to provide full day, 5 hour integrated and special classroom programs. Program hours vary based on the location of the program. A program calendar is created and given to parents when their child enters the program. The calendar will include specific vacations, staff development days, and holidays when children will not be in attendance. Contact our office for more information or to schedule a tour at one of our sites.

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